Pregnant women require a specific diet and certain nutrients to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. With the help of a pregnancy dietitian at Preg Appetit you can feel confident that you and your baby are getting everything you need. Our nutrition services can also help with controlling pregnancy symptoms, can guide you in understanding the food to avoid when pregnant, and assists in managing gestational diabetes, anemia, PCOS, relationships with food and so much more. 

Yes! There is not one pregnancy meal plan or pregnancy diet that works for everyone. 

Our monthly plan allows you to easily and safely customize your experience by teaming up with your own registered dietitian (RD). Your journey begins with a thorough questionnaire covering your health history, so your RD is already your champion before you even speak. Together, you’ll devise and execute a plan of action for any health concerns you may have before, during, and after your pregnancy. Over the course of your relationship, you’ll have TeleHealth calls and email messages, as well as access to HIPPA-compliant electronic medical records platform for monthly appointments.

Absolutely! It’s ideal that a mother is the healthiest she can be before getting pregnant.  This includes eating the right foods for fertility, hydrating and staying active before pregnancy. Working with a registered dietitian to get your body ready to carry a baby is an excellent way to achieve your baby goals.

We are experts at postpartum weight loss! We can help you to lose weight after your baby is born and to restore the nutrients lost during pregnancy. In addition to postpartum weight loss our dietitians can help you with lactation and guide you in feeding solids to your infant. We are with you through your entire pregnancy journey!

We will provide a monthly “Superbill” which is a paid invoice in which you can submit into your FSA (flexible spending account) for reimbursement. You may also check your Health Care Saving account as well if you have one.

We ask for 30 days notice, this way you can close out with your RD and make sure you have the proper tools and resources necessary to have a safe and healthy pregnancy journey.

Nutritional counseling is a truly pivotal part of your pre & post pregnancy journey that involves professional guidance on how you can optimize your nutrition.

The right nutrient-dense foods can restore nutritional deficiencies and help promote health for you and your baby. Healthier eating can also help with hormonal imbalances, which is key during your motherhood journey.