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How to Stay Active When the Heat of Summer Sets In

You’re sweating for two these days.

We all know how important it is to stay active during pregnancy. Not only does it help you to keep your circulation moving, but it can also prevent you from developing some of those typical pregnancy aches and pains (trust us, regular exercise and stretching will do wonders for your back). Unfortunately, once the heat of summer sets in it can be hard to keep up with some activities. And as the end of summer approaches and the mercury really starts to climb, staying active can sometimes turn downright dangerous. 

Fortunately, there are still plenty of options when you’re looking to stay active at the end of summer. 


There’s nothing quite like a good long walk to clear your head and get your blood pumping, which is why taking a stroll is an excellent way to stay active without overexerting yourself. If you’re planning on getting your daily steps in with a short walk, you’ll want to shoot for the hours between 7 and 9 AM. This time of day is great because it’s already light out (which will lower your risk of tripping or falling) while still being early enough that the heat of the sun hasn’t had a chance to fully set in yet.  

Opt for light colored and loose fitting clothing to keep from getting too hot, and don’t forget to up your water intake both before and after you head out. 


Getting some laps in at the pool is a great way to keep moving while also keeping cool. Make sure any pool you swim in is properly chlorinated and has a safe and easy way for you to get in and out of the water. You’ll want to make sure to listen to your body while you’re in the water. You may tire a little easier as your pregnancy goes on so it’s important to take breaks. We even suggest using the buddy system and making sure someone is nearby incase you become distressed while you swim. 

You should also be sure to wear a well-fitting bathing suit — you don’t want anything that is too tight (which could cut off circulation) or anything too loose (that you could become tangled up in as you swim). 

Prenatal Yoga

You’ve probably heard people touting the benefits of practicing prenatal yoga throughout pregnancy as a great way to stay limber (something you’ll appreciate during delivery) while also stretching muscles that tend to become tight or painful during pregnancy. 

There’s a variety of  ways you can catch a prenatal yoga class for yourself. Some local gyms will offer classes in their climate controlled studios. If you want to beat the heat entirely and not even have to worry about walking to your car, you can nama-stay at home and check out a virtual option from the comfort of your air conditioned living room. 

Because many people find themselves less well-balanced as their bellies get larger, we suggest modifying any moves that become increasingly difficult as your pregnancy goes on. Your instructor should be able to help you make adjustments so that you don’t overexert yourself or risk a fall. 

Water aerobics

The pool is good for more than practicing your backstroke. You can also try keeping active by taking a low-impact water aerobics class. Being in the water will help keep your body temperature down while you exercise. And, as we’ve mentioned before, pregnancy can change your center of gravity a bit. By working out in the water you can lower your risk of falling which is best for both you and your growing baby

Indoor low-impact aerobics

Similar to water aerobics, a low-impact studio class can also be a good option for beating that end of summer heat. Indoor aerobics offer many of the same health benefits as water aerobics, but with less resistance than you’d find by doing them in the pool. That makes this type of exercise a good fit for anyone without access to a pool, or for someone who is looking to stay dry while breaking a sweat this summer. 

As with any change to your physical activity levels, you’ll want to talk to your provider before getting started.

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