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These are the Mother’s Day Traditions You Should Start Now

It’s never too late to start a new family tradition.

As Mother’s Day approaches many people find themselves scrambling for a meaningful way to spend the day and celebrate the mothers in their lives. Fan family traditions are a great way to honor yourself and the women in your life, however, not every family has a long-standing plan to fall back on. 

Fortunately, starting a new tradition is as easy as waking up Sunday morning and deciding how you’d like to spend your day. Here are a couple of ways almost every mom would love to spend their time on Mother’s Day. 


Nothing says Mother’s Day quite like an afternoon brunch. Not only is this slow paced meal a great way to sit down and connect with the moms in your life, but it’s an easy way to get creative with some healthy food choices. Consider hosting a family brunch for the mothers in your life and show them how much you care by whipping up a spinach quiche (we love this recipe) while serving some mocktails for any moms-to-be (this is a fan favorite around our house). If you’re going to be hosting some mamas who can indulge, celebrate with that brunch favorite: the mimosa. All you need is some champagne, orange juice, and voila!  


In most climates Mother’s Day weekend marks the official “safe” zone for getting out in the garden. This is because Mother’s Day usually falls after the last freeze date in a lot of areas, meaning it’s the perfect day for donning your garden gloves and getting out into the yard. Is there a better way to celebrate the mom in your life than by helping her get her favorite plants in the ground?

Pro Tip: If you’re a mom who was hoping to get a little quiet time this year for Mother’s Day instead of taking part in a loud and festive day, consider blocking out your Sunday afternoon for some “me time.”  Feel free to get out in the yard solo for a little dirt therapy, if that’s your thing. 

Spa Trips

Nothing says “well-deserved break” quite like some time at the spa indulging in facials, massages, or even a little makeover. The best part about spending your Sunday at the spa is that you can do as little (or as much) as you want to. Gather the women in your life and make an afternoon of it or pop in for a quick mani-pedi with one of your mom friends.

Backyard BBQ

While they’re usually reserved for Father’s Day festivities, a backyard BBQ is another great way to spend some time with the moms in your life. Not only are there plenty of options—you can cook up anything from a fancy steak to budget-friendly hot dogs—but BBQ-ing is a great way to keep mom off her feet for an afternoon. 

Get someone else to man the grill and opt for disposable plates and you’ll have a high impact (but low fuss) Mother’s Day idea that will be a real crowd-pleaser.

Go on a Hike

Sometimes getting out on the trail can be just what the doctor ordered. Not only is spending time being active good for your health, but it’s also a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air. Pile the whole family up and cruise a new route or make a day out of following a familiar path and stopping for a picnic. 

Just don’t forget to load up on sunscreen! Nobody wants to spend the day after Mother’s Day recovering from too much time outdoors and any moms-to-be out there need to be especially mindful of sun exposure while pregnant. 

Make a Family Craft

What mother doesn’t love a handmade craft from her little ones? And while there may not be anything quite as sweet as getting those macaroni necklaces and hand drawn cards from your kids in the early years, there’s no reason why mom can’t get in on the fun… at any age!

Try picking a craft that the whole family can work on together and spend some time on a project or two. Depending on the age and skill level of your family, this can be anything from building birdhouses to making a fun sign to display in the garden. You’re only limited by your imagination. 

No matter what you decide to do this year for Mother’s Day, make sure you make it a memorable one. Both you and the moms in your life deserve to be celebrated for all you do.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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