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Spring Refresh—Skin Care During Pregnancy

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You glow girl; keep your pregnancy skin looking great using these tips.

People love to talk about how women glow during pregnancy, but sometimes your skin can use a little extra TLC when you’re expecting. Hormones, fluctuating weight, and even dietary changes—your newfound love for chocolate-covered gummy bears, for instance—can cause everything from acne to melasma. And while we can’t help you overcome those cravings, we can tell you what you need to know about giving your skin (and yourself) a little spring refresh.

Stay Hydrated

While drinking enough water is a high priority during pregnancy, the benefits can extend beyond the physiological. Staying well-hydrated can help you battle dry skin, keeping itchy and flaky skin at bay. It can also help keep you away from some high sugar alternatives (like juice and soda) which might contribute to breakouts. You can find out more about making smart dietary choices in pregnancy by signing up for a free trial with one of our nutritional coaches. 

Go Clean

Not all pregnancy-related breakouts are the result of what you’re eating. Sometimes your breakouts can be caused by hormonal changes. While there’s no magic potion to combat these breakouts, making sure you’re using clean beauty products can certainly help. Opt for products that advertise themselves as being gentle and plant-based. 

Avoid Non-Pregnancy Safe Ingredients

If you have any questions about your existing beauty routine you should definitely check with your OB. But, as a rule of thumb, ingredients like retinol (in all forms), salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, certain prescription skincare items, and hydroquinone are a no-go when you’re pregnant. 

Go For the Glow-Up

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still make your skincare routine a top priority (because real talk, once your baby arrives you may be too tired to shower, let alone tackle your daily 10-step skincare regime). While we do recommend ditching those harsh and unsafe ingredients you can still go all out for your daily glow-up. Here are some great swaps you can make:

Cleanser Compromise

Even if you’re experiencing facial dryness or melasma, you’ll still want to make sure you’re washing your face daily, especially if you’re wearing makeup. Opt for a hydrating cleanser that will remove dirt, oils, and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. 

Shelve Your Astringent 

Facial astringents often rely on harsh ingredients like salicylic acid, which is a big no-no in pregnancy. Consider tucking your astringent away until after your baby comes and rely on a hydrating tonic instead. 

Luxe Lotions and Potions

Just because you have to say goodbye to your retinol-based serums or moisturizers doesn’t mean you have to completely par down your skincare arsenal. Vitamin C-based products can help you keep or enhance that pregnancy glow, while Azelaic acid can help manage those pesky breakouts and combat dry skin. 

And if you are suffering from melasma and want something that will help you even your skin tone out a bit more while you wait for your little one to arrive, you can try a pigment correcting serum. Just double-check the ingredients and don’t hesitate to confirm its safety with your OB. 

Don’t Forget Your Belly

Your growing belly (and hips, butt, and thighs) also need a little extra care during pregnancy. Make sure you’re using a moisturizer that can help keep your skin hydrated to combat the itchiness that can come along with dry skin and stretch marks. If you’ve developed a sensitivity to smells during pregnancy, you’ll want to opt for a fragrance-free option. Otherwise, cocoa butter is always a favorite for moms-to-be.

Pregnancy Hair Care

A lot of women are lucky to get “pregnancy hair.” Pregnancy hair is usually defined as ultra-thick, ultra-glossy hair that grows long and strong for the majority of your pregnancy experience (sadly, it doesn’t last forever. See: postpartum hair loss). The best way to care for all that hair is to check your shampoo and conditioner bottles to make sure they only include pregnancy-safe ingredients (you should consult with your OB if you’re using a prescription-strength hair care product) and enjoy your newfound volume and shine. 

Nail Love

You can still give your fingernails and toes (while you can still reach them) love too. While you’ll want to avoid spending time in poorly ventilated nail salons that smell strongly of chemicals, most pre-pregnancy nail care solutions will still work while you’re expecting. 

Although, if you’re suffering from melasma you may want to avoid gel treatments and UV dryers, which could make the changing pigmentation in your skin more noticeable. Instead, opt for polish options that don’t require UV light for curing or drying. 

You’ll want to keep that manicure looking fresh because before you know it you’ll be using those hands to hold your little bundle of joy.

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